Lake Bunyonyi Project, Uganda

In Uganda I spent a wonderful night on one of the islands on Lake Bunyonyi in the Kabale district.
Through Edison and Oasis Overland I met local children benefitting from the community school on the island. It is fantastic to see the positive work being done to support the local children, many of whom have lost their parents and close family members to AIDS. Together they made this trip a joyous and meaningful journey into local culture and we spent a wonderful evening by lantern light (there is no electricity on the islands) eating crayfish caught in the lake that day and listening to Edison’s stories of the islands surrounding us.

Please check out the Lake Bunyonyi Community website at if you’d like more information on how you can support the building of their school, sponsor a child or volunteer at the project. Unlike some volunteer initiatives, the community don’t charge fees so you can turn up and pitch in, if you are able, whenever you are able!

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